Self-care isn’t just a trend, it’s a movement. We’ve got a whole generation of people that are standing up for their mental health and committing to take care of themselves. And, every generation to follow will be better because of it. 

The only problem? We don’t have a great model of what this looks like. Self-care really isn’t built into us naturally. Instead, we’re pressured to go go go. So, we at Dear Media thought sharing our top 15 best podcasts for self-care would help show you how it’s done!

Below is our list of self-care podcasts that will help you reflect, reset, and restart with confidence, clarity, and positivity. We hope you connect with some of these fabulous podcast hosts that have really learned what it means to take care of yourself. Here’s the scoop:

What is Self Care and Why is it Important?

Self care is prioritizing your own well-being through intentional daily behaviors. These could have to do with cognitive or physical wellness, but most practices have some sort of mental health twist. Here are some examples of self-care practices that make a big impact on your wellness:

  • Better Quality Sleep
  • Regular Exercise
  • Decompression Through Hobbies 
  • Meditation/Prayer
  • Eating Right 
  • Regular Breaks and Vacations
  • Journal
  • Hang Out with Friends
  • Practice Gratitude and Positivity 

These practices are so important, because studies show that regular self care helps you manage stress, brighten your mood, lower your risk of illness, and boost your energy. The problem is, beneficial self-care practices get pushed to the back burner when we’re busy. 

Society tells us self-care is non-essential, but if you’re burned out and anxious, you know that’s not true. Let these inspiring and wise podcast hosts help you kick start or refresh your self-care journey. Here are 15 podcasts for your mental wellbeing: 

15 Best Self Care Podcasts

Dear Gabby

Gabby Bernstein is an inspirational speaker and award-winning author who has a self-care podcast we all need! She acts as a real-time habit and life coach, answering listener questions and delivering straight talk on hot topics. Get answers to your questions and receive all the advice you need to make life-changing transformations. 

Everything is the Best

It’s so easy to feel alone. As you’re striving toward your dreams and working through big mental health challenges, you can feel totally isolated and alone. Everything is the Best podcast host Pia Baroncini connects listeners to the world and gives them community and advice to conquer their biggest struggles. This podcast will bring you joy and motivation to take on the next day! 

Going Mental

Eileen Kelly was a famous social media influencer and sex educator who secretly struggled with her mental health. She briefly walked away from all she built to better her emotional health and re-discover who she was. Now, she’s back to take you on your own mental health journey. 

Each week, she hosts a different guest and they discuss mental health topics like anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, and more. It’s super relatable and fun, while also dishing out some serious wisdom we could all use to better our emotional wellbeing. 

It Sure is a Beautiful Day

Right after the pandemic, Catt Sadler saw that the world was hurting. She created her podcast It Sure is a Beautiful Day to inspire hope, renewal, and resurgence in people. She hosts in-depth interviews with notable guests on a variety of self-help topics to help you become your best self and appreciate the world around you. 

Looking Up

Dr. Deepika Chopra isn’t just any podcast host with a self-care spin. This impressive woman is actually a doctor who has studied the science of happiness. In her podcast Looking Up, she blends holistic and evidence-based medical practices that’ll help you manage stress, cultivate optimism, and become a more successful version of yourself. 

Mind. Body. No Soul.

Jackie Schimmel is a spiritual advisor like none other. She’s relatable, funny, bold, and a little aggressive. And, she delivers weekly meditations, affirmations, and mantras for the everyday spiritual. 

Nothing crazy. Nothing cooky. Just expert spiritual guidance to help you become more mindful, reduce stress, and live a more fulfilling life. Definitely add listening to Mind. Body. No Soul to your self-care routine

Pursuit of Wellness

Podcast host Mari Llewellyn for a long time never felt home in her own body. Many of us identify with this struggle, and her new podcast Pursuit of Wellness helps you transform your physical and mental health through radical honesty, goal-setting, and self-discipline. She’ll regularly dive into topics like nutrition, exercise, self-care, relationships, and so much more. 

Ready, Set, Spill!

Do you love to feel inspired? Does it give you the fire you need to take on the day? If so, you need to download some episodes of Ready, Set, Spill right now. SET Active CEO Lindsey Carter is the host, and she speaks on topics that matter the most to help you better all areas of your life. 

Real Pod

Victoria Garrick is a mental health and body-image advocate, and on her weekly podcast, she sits down with inspirational guests from all walks of life. They have authentic discussions about managing success and failure—and whatever else life throws at you. It’s the perfect podcast to cultivate self-love AND motivation to conquer the next thing. 

Recovering from Reality

So many of us out there are simply surviving. Whether it’s an incurable condition, childhood trauma, or just difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, life isn’t easy for a lot of us. In Recovering from Reality, Alex Haines gets real with her guests and audience about her own struggles. 

She opens up the conversation to provide hope and optimism for those trying to live better. If practicing self-care is new to you, and you’re dealing with heavy stuff. This is a MUST listen. 

That’s So Retrograde

This podcast delivers a fun-twist on the usual self-help scene. Hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari are still very much working on themselves, and they’re bringing all of you along on their own journeys of self-discovery. While riding this roller coaster, you’ll receive a blend of pop culture and wellness to fuel your own exploration of self.

The Art of Being Well

Self-care might be something society has newly adopted, but it’s not as trendy as it should be. Taking care of not just your physical wellness, but your overall health has been proven to produce a more optimistic, productive, and happy person. But, where to start?

Start with a leading doctor in this self-care movement, Dr. Will Cole, as he explores science-backed health advice to help you nurture your body, spirit, mind, and relationships. 

The Blonde Files Podcast

Arielle Lorre knows the questions we’re all asking about wellness. She invites thought leaders from many industries to answer those questions for you! Each conversation is meaningful, authentic, and really helpful. Get everything from beauty hacks to career tips with The Blonde Files podcast!

Wavy with Summer & Brie

When was the last time you celebrated your triumphs and rejoiced in the little things? Brie Dunne and Summer Mckeen are a hilarious sister duo that make it a point to love themselves and teach you to love yourself too. They tackle big topics and host inspiring guests that help you find your strengths and rise from failure to become who you really are meant to be. 

You’re Gonna Love Me

Katie Maloney has been called every name in the book. Bitch. Mean girl. Bully. You name it. This judgment deeply impacted her, but she’s healed and moved on, and has created the You’re Gonna Love Me podcast that helps open the eyes, ears, and hearts of anyone who has judged or been judged. 

Since self-love and acceptance are such an important part of your mental health journey, learning to deal with criticism is key. Let Katie help you get to a place of contentment and confidence with who you are!

You owe it to yourself to invest in your health. 

If you’re ready to begin your own journey of self-discovery, don’t do it alone. Find a group of family and friends that can support you and keep you accountable through this period of resurgence. Plus, take one of the wise podcasts hosts along for the ride too! 

Any of these podcasts will perfectly prepare you for all the struggles that lie ahead. Together, you’ll come out on the other side and bigger and better you! You can check out our full list of shows here. Additionally, our blog has a ton of self-care content that’s curated just for you to give you hope and healing. You’ve got this!