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Who’s On Content?!

with Ernest "EJ" James

Who’s On Content?! explores and dissects the influential; behavioral altering power of content through thought provoking, culturally relevant and industry shifting dialogues. Hosted by DBA’s SVP of Special Projects, EJ, guests of Who’s On Content?! will include social platform leaders; executives from top brands; media journalists and content creators contributing to the influential content shaping the global society we live in today.


  • On Photographing The Power of the People and Their Protest for Change w/ photographer and cultural narrator, Mel D. Cole
  • On educating the world through vulnerability and wit while encouraging human connectivity w/ Educator & Historian, Blair Imani
  • On challenging and creating global brand narratives that connects and inspires communities w/ PG’s Chief Communication Officer, Damon Jones
  • On Legacy building and vision that creates brave spaces, on and offline –amplifying culture and community w/ Founder of The CCNYC and CultureCon, Imani Ellis
  • On Representing, challenging and living authentically in his truth w/ trans activist and parent, Jesse Sullivan
  • On Raising families and increasing LGBTQIA+ representation through love w/ Team2Moms
  • On No longer living in fear; using her voice while cultivating community as the Queen of TikTok w/ Mikayla Nogueira
  • Introducing Who's On Content?!
  • Who's On Content?! - COMING SOON
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