best podcast about business dear media edition

It’s no secret that we LOOOVE podcasts. Listening to podcasts is a super innovative way to stay in the loop about the latest in the business world and expand your entrepreneurial skills. Plus, podcasts are an excellent resource for people who want to learn about starting a business and entering your #BossB*tchEra

Many of our fave Dear Media podcast hosts actually talk about their entrepreneurial journeys, business strategies, and career advice regularly in their shows! Wouldn’t that be SUPER helpful as you embark on your own entrepreneurial venture or corporate goals? DEFINITELY! So today we’re sharing a round-up of our fave podcasts about anything business-related. 

best podcast about business dear media edition

15 Best Podcasts About Business: Dear Media Edition

The Career Contessa

Want to be more successful at work? The Career Contessa is a weekly podcast you definitely don’t want to skip! Whether you’re trying to figure out how to land a job or you’re hoping to make more money and advance your career, host Lauren McGoodwin always manages to say exactly what you need to hear. 

Every Tuesday, she sits down with an expert to cover a variety of topics. Including valuable actionable advice to help you progress and find success in your career. Guys, this is your year to level-up at work!

To see what The Career Contessa is all about, check out The Importance of Self-Management + How to Become Invaluable at Work and How to Network for People Who Hate Networking.

Him & Her Podcast

Him & Her, hosted by our faves Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and Michael Bosstick, is a game-changer in the podcast industry. In each episode of their popular podcast, this entrepreneurial duo sits down with people from all walks of life. Including successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, doctors, celebrities, executives, authors, experts, and more. 

Not only are their conversations super entertaining, but they’re packed full of useful info and practical advice (including must-know entrepreneurial skills) that you can use immediately to improve your work life.

Our fave episodes of Him & Her about business are How To Create The Career & Life You Want By Creating Your Own Opportunities & Overcoming Your Hardships and How to Find Your Passion, Balance Work & Personal Life, and Build a Career on Your Terms.


Transform is a podcast hosted by Sami Clarke and Sami Spalter, the two creatives behind the brand FORM. We love listening to these besties chat about their personal journeys. And topics ranging from wellness to business and everything in between. The Samis are on a mission to help you transform into the best version of yourself!

Their own success story is super inspiring! Be sure to check out the episode How We Built This: The Story Of FORM.

best podcast about business dear media edition

Everything Is The Best

Everything Is The Best is a must-listen podcast hosted by Pia Baroncini, Creative Director of LPA. Each episode features intriguing conversations with guests from all backgrounds that inspire you to chase your dreams and never look back. You’ll love hearing guests answer Pia’s signature question: “How did you go from 0 to yacht?” Their answers and success stories reveal the steps you can take to achieve success in your own life. 

Listen to the episode Emma Grede Talks Skims and Good American, Plus the Best Advice Kris Jenner Ever Gave Her to get a feel for what Everything is the Best is all about.

The Dream Bigger Podcast

The Dream Bigger Podcast, hosted by Siffat Haider, successful business owner and Founder of wellness brand Arrae, is a top business podcast that is guaranteed to inspire you to go after your entrepreneurial goals!  Each episode features conversations with entrepreneurs, business leaders, wellness experts, skincare gurus, and more creative minds. The episodes are jam-packed with advice, inspiration, and motivation to reach your big dreams.

Some of our favorite Dream Bigger episodes include Tips for New Startups, Being Head of Marketing at Uber, Brand Building Tips and Serial Entrepreneurship, Being Intentional When Starting a Brand, Growing a Team from the Ground Up, The Importance of Community & More.

Life With Marianna

Marianna Hewitt, co-founder of the clean skincare line, Summer Fridays, has earned a massive social media following and her popularity followed her into the world of podcasting. On her podcast, Life With Marianna, you get to be a fly on the wall during conversations with brand founders, influencers, and personalities. You can learn the ins and outs of digital marketing, discover which business strategy can benefit your career, and the steps to find success in the business world. 

How the Beautyblender Became an Iconic Product with Founder Rea Ann Silva and Taking Risks as an Entrepreneur are two episodes you definitely don’t want to miss!

Balanced Black Girl

Balanced Black Girl is another amazing podcast dedicated to providing actionable advice on everything from health and wellness to personal development and career advancement. Les is super relatable and each conversation she has is full of ways to help you feel your best and reach your fullest potential.

Be sure to check out The Ultimate Glow Up: How to Level Up In Your Career and Life and Starting A Business & Building with Your Friends to discover why we love Balanced Black Girl!

All the Fails

Yes, even the most successful people have failed somewhere along their business journey. All The Fails podcast explores failure in all its forms. Intrigued? 

In the episode Jenny’s Surgeon, Dr. Oren Tepper, Tells All, host Jenny Mollen has an amazing way of turning even the most embarrassing disappointments into inspiring lessons learned. You might cry, you’ll probably laugh, but you’ll definitely love All The Fails.

What We Said

What We Said is the kind of podcast that feels more like a convo with your best friends. Hosts Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade have open, honest, and vulnerable conversations. Sometimes between themselves and other times with guests, about business, health, relationships, and life in general. Their advice might be unsolicited, but it’s nothing if not heartfelt!

You can find lots of great biz inspo in the episodes called Turning Your Brand Into a Successful Business and Hair Care, Social Media Branding, and Building a Business.

But, for a different (but SUPER entertaining) take on business, check out Exposing Company Secrets!

best podcast about business dear media edition

Note To Self

Note To Self is a podcast dedicated to helping listeners become more grounded, see things from new perspectives, and feel empowered to navigate this crazy ride called life. Host Payton Sartain, an influencer-turned-entrepreneur, offers “advice you didn’t know you needed and honest conversations you’ve always wanted.”

Check out Fake it Until You Make It, Roll with the Punches, and Never Say No to see what Note To Self is all about!

The Nicole Walters Podcast

For encouragement and real-life strategies for pursuing a purposeful life, look no further than The Nicole Walters Podcast. Each week, host Nicole Walters shares personal stories and answers listeners’ questions about business, life, and so much more. 

Nicole is a self-made multimillionaire, the star of “She’s the Boss,” and the founder of Inherit Learning Company, so yeah, she definitely knows a thing or two about business! 

Losing EVERY Dollar I Have is one episode you don’t want to miss!

The Shine Series

When Stuart Weitzman’s Chief Marketing Officer Behnaz Ghahramani presents business podcast topic ideas, people LISTEN. The Shine Series, hosted by Behnaz, is a podcast that welcomes viewers with open minds and the willingness and eagerness to grow. Each episode of this limited series presents stories of people who made an impact and found success. But only after first stepping outside of their comfort zone. 


Work Party is a mega-popular podcast for a reason. Hosts Jaclyn Johnson and CEO of Create & Cultivate, Marina Middleton, sit down with notable guests like Jen Atkin, Tyra Banks, and Sara Blakely to talk about entrepreneurship, female friendships, motherhood, divorce, and more. You’ll love hearing about the entrepreneurial journey of each guest, including how they balance their careers and personal lives. 

Some of our favorite episodes include Why You Should Never (Ever) Work for Free, Kourtney Kardashian on Poosh, Money Negotiations, and Work/Life Balance, and Start by Starting: Getting your Business Off the Ground with Bobbi Brown.

best podcast about business dear media edition


Mona Vand used to work as a pharmacist. But she followed her entrepreneurial spirit and is now a holistic-focused wellness educator. In her podcast, Mona-Vated, Mona takes a deep dive into the various aspects of well-being, including nutrition, spirituality, and self-discovery.

This podcast will empower you with the knowledge to make the right decision for you as you pursue your goals. Start from the very first episode, or check out Why You Need Spirituality in Your Career to get your dose of Mona-vation!

With Whit

You might know her from “The Hills,” but Whitney Port has come a loooong way since her reality TV days. As you’ll find out in her podcast With Whit, Whitney is now a mom, wife, and successful business owner. It certainly seems like she’s got this whole life thing figured out, yet her weekly conversations on everything from entrepreneurship to health and wellness prove that even Whitney (and we) can still learn a lot from people.

Be sure to check out How to Find Work/Life Balance, Network, and Say No to see what we mean!

Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn about business!

What’s your favorite business podcast? Which Dear Media podcasts do you turn to for business advice? Give us all the deets in the comments! Oh, and be sure to grab a mug and tee to celebrate your upcoming successful era!!

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