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Dear Media IRL is back and we’re showing up bigger, better, and louder than ever! Join us for the ultimate live podcasting experience with intimate conversations from your favorite Dear Media hosts, as they bring their insightful discussions from your headphones to the stage. Engage in live activations from our favorite brands with interactive experiences and connect with other members of the Dear Media community. Get ready to be inspired, and entertained and watch audio get a serious makeover.

Dear Media IRL is on May 4, 2024, which gives you plenty of time to binge every podcaster’s content so you can get to know them better before meeting them in person. If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place! We’re sharing a round-up of the best podcasts to binge before Dear Media IRL.

best podcast to binge before dear media irl

12 Best Podcasts to Binge BEFORE Dear Media IRL

The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her Podcast

The Skinny Confidential: Him and Her podcast is hosted by entrepreneurs Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, founder and creator of The Skinny Confidential, and her husband Michael Bosstick, entrepreneur, brand builder, and founder and CEO of Dear Media

Every week, thousands of listeners enjoy entertaining and thought-provoking interviews with celebrities, entrepreneurs, influencers, experts, and inspiring leaders. Lauryn and Michael also answer listener and audience questions on everything from health and wellness to business and relationships. With over 200 million downloads, it’s clear that people just can’t seem to get enough of Him and Her! As the founders of Dear Media, obviously they’re going to be at Dear Media IRL, so start binging! 

Some of their most popular episodes include:


Transform is a podcast hosted by Sami Clarke and Sami Spalter, the twenty-something besties who founded FORM, a digital platform for anything related to fitness, wellness, and self-love. We totally stan the Samis… Can you blame us? They, as well as their podcast, are all about empowering women to be their best selves and offering the tools to make it happen. In each episode of Transform, the two women dive into various wellness topics while sharing tips and tools to transform into the best version of you.

To get a feel for what Transform is all about before you get to see these ride or dies live, check out these episodes:

The Art Of Being Well

Has someone ever given you such good advice that you begin to wonder why they’re not charging you for it? When it comes to sharing life-changing info and astoundingly good advice, Dr. Will Cole is leading the way, one podcast episode at a time. Seriously, even nearly 250 episodes in, we’re still shocked, albeit incredibly thankful, that The Art of Being Well is a free source of wellness info and inspo. Tune in as Dr. Cole shares ways you can take better care of your mind, body, spirit, and relationships. We can’t wait to hear what wisdom bombs he drops at Dear Media IRL! 

TBH, every episode is worth listening to, but these are a few listener favs:

best podcast to binge before dear media irl

Everything Is The Best

Everything Is The Best is hosted by Pia Baroncini, creative director of the fashion label LPA. This podcast is all about inspiring you, the listener, to chase your dreams. Sounds corny, but this podcast is anything but. During each episode, Pia asks her guests “How did you go from 0 to yacht?” to prove that even the rich and famous are a lot more like us than we think. 

Oh, and did we mention that her husband and mom are frequent guests who answer weekly relationship questions? LOVE IT! We lowkey love it so much we hope they’ll make an appearance as Dear Media IRL too. We can dream, right???

Here are a couple Everything is the Best Episodes you don’t wanna miss:

The Toast

We can’t think of a better way to start your day than with this hilarious gossip podcast hosted by Jackie and Claudia Oshry. The Toast is a LOL-worthy source for the latest pop culture news. Tune in every weekday morning for an energizing dose of entertainment courtesy of one of our favorite podcasts. They’re definitely going to bring that energy to Dear Media IRL!

It’s literally impossible to find an episode of The Toast that isn’t amazing, but here are a couple of listener favs:

The Blonde Files

The host of The Blonde Files, Arielle Lorre is a blonde who knows her stuff! This Dear Media podcast is all about wellness but feels like a convo with your bestie. In each episode, Arielle takes a deep dive into topics ranging from how to achieve optimal physical and mental health to the latest and greatest beauty hacks and cosmetic procedures. You should def check out a few (or all) episodes of The Blonde Files before you meet Arielle IRL!

You can start from the beginning for a binge fest, or listen to these popular episodes to get a feel for what TBF is all about:

The Dream Bigger Podcast

The Dream Bigger Podcast is exactly what it sounds like: a podcast that inspires you to live your best life. Each week, host Siffat Haider, founder of Arrae, chats with entrepreneurs, wellness experts, skincare specialists, and thought leaders. Whether you’re looking for motivation or hoping to learn something new, The Dream Bigger Podcast is one you don’t wanna miss. Lucky for you even when you’re spending all weekend at Dear Media IRL, you’ll still get Siffat’s AMAZING insight and encouragement. 

Popular episodes of The Dream Bigger Podcast include:

Wellness Her Way

Wellness Her Way, hosted by Gracie Norton, is a podcast all about achieving “true abundance in wellness and all aspects of our lives.” Each week, Gracie explores topics related to improving your overall well-being. If you’re striving for emotional balance, physical growth, or a more fulfilling life overall, listen to this podcast and make sure you prioritize meeting Gracie at Dear Media IRL!

Check out these killer episodes of Wellness Her Way:

Lipstick on the Rim

We’re not convinced that Molly Sims isn’t the real-life Wonder Woman. The former model and actress now hosts the ahh-mazing podcast Lipstick on the Rim with her best friend Emese Gormley. This weekly podcast dedicated to beauty and wellness feels like a convo with your two best gal pals. They frequently sit down with health and beauty experts to chat about the latest trends and the products and procedures you should try or stay the hell away from. We can’t wait to see Lipstick on the Rim on stage!

Listen to these popular episodes to get a feel for what this podcast is all about:

With Whit

You might know her from The Hills, but With Whit host Whitney Port is proving, one podcast episode at a time, that she’s come a long way since her time on the mega-popular MTV reality TV show. Now, as a mom, wife, and business owner, Whit has a wealth of knowledge to share with her listeners. Her podcast covers relationships, parenthood, entrepreneurship, beauty, fashion, health, wellness, and much more. Each week, she sits down with friends, family, and industry experts for informative, inspiring, and entertaining convos that keep listeners coming back for more.

Check out these episodes of With Whit to get her vibe before seeing her IRL:

best podcast to binge before dear media irl

Balanced Black Girl

With the upcoming opportunity to meet Les Alfred at Dear Media IRL, you’re going to want to check out her podcast, Balanced Black Girl. With millions of downloads, this weekly podcast has become a go-to source for advice on health, personal development, self-care, and well-being. Each episode is packed with info to help you feel your best.

The most popular episodes of Balanced Black Girl include:

Let’s Get Dressed (Formerly Friend of A Friend)

Last, but certainly not least, Let’s Get Dressed is gearing up to become your new favorite fashion podcast. Friend of A Friend recently got a facelift and host Olivia Perez introduced her new style show dedicated to sharing tips on personal style, as well as industry secrets, designer interviews, and more. We can’t wait to get a taste of this new show at Dear Media IRL!

Check out the two latest episodes of Let’s Get Dressed:

Who are you most excited to see at Dear Media IRL?

Dear Media IRL is the kind of event you anticipate for months. This live podcasting experience offers a chance to see the hosts of these 12 podcasts do what they do best, in real life! As you count down the days to the big event, check out each show and decide for yourself who you’re most excited to see! 

The jam-packed schedule includes morning bites and beverages, morning panels, a lunch break with meet and greet opportunities, afternoon panels, and happy hour. 

Oh and don’t forget to mark the following dates on your calendar:

  • February 20: Ticket announcement goes live
  • March 15: Reminder of event
  • April 15: Reminder of event
  • May 4: Day of the event

We can’t wait to see you there! Find our more information on the Dear Media website and find even more podcast recs on the blog.