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One thing we love at Dear Media is podcast hosts who are a little… unhinged. In the BEST way possible. We want that raw, unfiltered gossip like a baby wants a bottle AKA we’re gonna cry until we get it. Kidding! But seriously, who wants a podcast host who isn’t going to give you all the dirty deets?

One of the most iconic podcasts like this is Call Her Daddy. Call Her Daddy began as a podcast in 2018 with hosts Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, and quickly grew in popularity and listenership! The podcast, now hosted solely by Alex Cooper, gives frank advice on sex, life, and relationships. In every episode, she puts a fun and insightful twist on modern feminism that engages and empowers podcast listeners of all genders.

With something this good, it’s only natural we want more! And, listening to similar podcasts can help broaden your view on personal freedom and modern feminism. Plus, it’s a great way to get alllllll the tea on what’s going down with the celebs and find out who’s challenging social norms. Who’s got controversy? Who’s in hot water? Babes like us wanna know! That’s why today, we’re rounding up all the best podcasts like Call Her Daddy to get YOU in the loop!

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10 Podcasts Like Call Her Daddy

The Bitch Bible

We’re starting off with a baddie who’s actually had Alex Cooper as a guest on the show, right after her bestie break up with Sofia Franklyn. Talk about tea time! The Bitch Bible, hosted by Jackie Schimmel, is a great podcast for women who want unfiltered, unapologetic discussions about sex, millennial struggles, pop culture, social faux pas, and more. 

Here are some of our fave episodes from The Bitch Bible:

The Bad Broadcast

The Bad Broadcast is a podcast featuring Madi Murphy, who realized her passion in life is finding sh*t she hates and complaining about it. This is a killer podcast for those who are sick of the toxic positivity you might find on other podcasts, and just want a podcast bestie who will give it to you straight. Madi Murphy is That Girl, and she will tell it like it is with no-holds-barred episode after episode. Her style is comedic, fun, and a little b*tchy just what we like. 

Two of our favorite eps are her episodes on BFF BREAKUPS and FEMININE RAGE. We’ve all been there! Let’s get into it. 

And don’t forget, like Madi always says: “Be safe, be kind, and be hot.”

Barely Filtered

In Barely Filtered, podcast hosts Aurora Culpo and Kristen Gaffney share their blunt opinions on literally everything under the sun. They have an unfiltered and honest approach to all sorts of lifestyle topics. It’s a podcast that not only spills the tea, but also boosts your confidence as they do it. That’s a f*cking win in our books! Some of their most empowering episodes include Throw Out Your Scale and Pro-Age Woman.

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Uncut and Uncensored with Caroline Stanbury

If you like the vibe of these podcasts, but everything you hear is feeling a little…young? Naive? Unseasoned? Then this is the podcast rec for you! Podcast host Caroline Stanbury is known for her witty humor and is NEVER afraid to speak her truth. Uncut and Uncensored follows the details of Caroline’s journey to living her best life after 40. She covers so many topics, from relationships, health, wellness, business, parenting, friendship, travel, relationships, and more.

To get a feel for the podcast, check out the episode Bringing Sexy Back! It’s all about sex through the ages and whether or not you can revive your relationship’s sex life.


This podcast is THE podcast that candidly explores love, sex, and relationships, hosted by Carter Cruise. Carter Cruise shares a refreshing mix of personal anecdotes and expert interviews in her podcast, exploring a wide range of topics with all kinds of guests ranging from porn stars and kink enthusiasts to celebrities and listeners themselves!  

Learn lots from these episodes: 

Let’s Be Honest

Reality TV star and entrepreneur Kristin Cavallari is back and more REAL than ever. Each episode of her podcast dives into the raw and honest conversations we all need, covering topics like self-care, self-discovery, and finding happiness beyond a failed relationship. Get ready to laugh, cry, and feel inspired as Kristin reminds you that you are more than just someone’s ex. We’re still reeling over her episode Getting into the Mind of a Man, which teaches you how to do exactly that if you can survive it, are we right?!

Mind. Body. No Soul.

Mind. Body. No Soul. is hosted by Jackie Schimmel, podcast host of The Bitch Bible and super successful writer, entrepreneur, and producer. The podcast is a series of guided merciless meditations, aggressive affirmations and maniacal mantras. It’s called “wellness for the unwell,” and it’s got all the spirituality mixed in with the raw, honest approach we’re always looking for. Check out one of her latest eps, Social Anxiety Solutions. Don’t we all need a solution for that sometimes?

Not Skinny, But Not Fat

The Not Skinny, But Not Fat podcast is on fire right now with a perfect dose of sarcasm, wit, and lots of laughs. Hosted by Amanda Hirsch, this podcast is all about celeb drama, scandal, romance, and anything that’s turning heads in today’s wild world of entertainment. This is one of the best reality TV podcasts around! Get started with her episode with Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

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Twenty Whatever

In Twenty Whatever, Sierra Schultzzie, Riayn Christina, and Paloma Malfavon discuss navigating your 20s with your friends through different phases of life. Formerly called Sierra Unfiltered, you’ll hear these besties speak candidly about all the drama, difficulties, and d*mn good times you can have in your 20s. Seriously, listening to this podcast is like being at a sleepover with your besties we can’t get enough. 

What We Said

The BEST place to get some unsolicited, honest advice? The What We Said podcast. These ride or dies candidly offer advice about topics like health, business, relationships, and life, as well as share other useful and funny life stories. This podcast is intended to inspire and entertain, and d*mn does it hit the mark!

Here are our favorite episodes:

Which podcast will you be tuning into next?

We seriously can’t get enough of these bad*ss women paving the way for us to be our most candid, most unfiltered, and most bad*ss selves. Soon, you’ll be living it up like these ladies, ready to spill the tea about all your latest misadventures. We can’t wait to hear about them! 

Need more podcasts to expand your horizon? Check out these thought-provoking podcasts to help your brain hit the mental gym! And if that’s not enough, you can check out more podcasts on the blog.