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Barely Filtered

with Aurora Culpo and Kristen Gaffney

Welcome to “Barely Filtered” hosted by Aurora Culpo + Kristen Gaffney. This is our safe space where we talk about controversial topics, debate different points of view and always keep it real, despite who we might offend. Aurora is a mom of two from Rhode Island, currently living in Los Angeles with her ex-husband (it's complicated). Part granola mom, part glamorous jetsetter, Aurora is clearly the funniest & the star of HBO Max’s reality show The Culpo Sisters. Kristen is a start up nerd who married the hot football jock from every 90s movie (varsity jacket included), modeled for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit & is the CEO of children’s health brand Super True. A mom of three & fearless business woman, she also likes to microdose in her coffee before she hits up carpool. Aurora & Kristen discuss everything you’re scared to talk about, and while they don’t always agree on everything, they do agree on this - live your best fucking life.


  • Ghosted in Nashville
  • Sophia Culpo: Can I Talk My S#!T Again?
  • Candace Owens: A Mother of Conviction
  • Summer Catch
  • Calley Means: The Big Pharma Whistleblower
  • Happy Hour Q+A
  • Matt Barnes: Zen Bad Boy of the NBA
  • Christine Bullock: Babies Are The Best Arm Workout
  • Kym Douglas: Pro-Age Woman
  • Tanya Rad: A Modern Woman
  • Ella Halikas: My body is not a trend
  • Sex Talks with Vanessa & Xander Marin
  • Tik Tok Pimple Master Dr. Shah
  • Baby, oh baby, with The Toast's Jackie O
  • Checking in with Aurora & Kristen
  • Welcome to the world, Nala. Your audience has some questions
  • To Epidural or Not to Epidural, that is the question
  • Tik Tok Star Kausha Campbell on walking by faith on Hollywood Blvd
  • Olivia Culpo on Overcoming Dark Days, the Power of Prayer & Finding True Lov
  • Men: Dealbreakers, Communication & Who's Worth Changing For
  • Katie Austin: Creating A Brand, Practicing Gratitude & Making Her Own Name
  • Thirty, Flirty & Thriving
  • Life Hacks for Balancing Your Glucose for Skin, Weight & Mental Health with "The Glucose Goddess" Jessie Inchauspé
  • Red Flags & Butterflies Are Not the Same Thing
  • Is This Normal?: Hormones, Libido & the Big O with Dr. Jolene Brighten
  • What Makes Good Sex?
  • Barely Filtered with Aurora Culpo and Kristen Gaffney LIVE APRIL 5th
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