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As any boss babe knows, there’s nothing more empowering than teamwork. We mean, how else would we get all our work done? And by now, we’re already pros at collaborating at work and tapping into each other’s strengths to crush goals. But teamwork isn’t just about climbing the corporate ladder or slaying projects. It’s also about creating a support system with others beyond the confines of the office walls. 

Raising each other up is what we do best here at Dear Media, so it only makes sense that facing our goals together would deepen our connection. It’s just like how our Dear Media girlies support each other by going on each other’s podcasts all the time. Like when Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of the Get The F*ck Out of The Sun podcast featured Kristin Cavallari of Let’s Be Honest to chat about skincare, health, and self-care. Or when Siffat Haider of The Dream Bigger Podcast featured Kristen Gaffney and Aurora Culpo from Barely Filtered to discuss friendships, secrets to success, and more. Our collaborations make us stronger and better, every single time.

So if you’re struggling with how to make friends at work, we’ll let you in on a little secret: it turns out that working with other boss babes like yourself can do wonders for your friendships. Besides, who doesn’t want a little extra girl power in their squad?

Today, we’re championing how teaming up might just be the secret to strengthening your friendships. Get ready to discover how being part of a team and fostering those workplace relationships can bring joy, fulfillment, and oh-so-important job satisfaction.

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How Does Working Together Strengthen a Friendship?

Shared Goals and Collaborative Efforts

Setting goals and grinding them out with your friends nurtures a bond like no other. It’s like a friendship elixir when you’re invested in a common goal and ready to work hard with your squad. 

If your shared goal is starting a business, Balanced Black Girl has some advice for you! Check out this ep: Starting A Business & Building With Your Friends.

Trust Building

Trust allows you to rely on other people’s skills and abilities, which can take your friendship to new heights. When you hustle with your friends or work as part of a team, you put faith in one another to do their part to achieve a goal. You must trust them to have your back, no matter what. All this fosters a sense of camaraderie that makes the journey all the more exciting.

Learning and Growing Together

You know what they say: You live and learn together, and you level up together. Working alongside someone else allows you to see, learn, and adapt to how different people navigate all aspects of life, which can inevitably move you from being an ordinary team member to a ride-or-die friend. When you learn life’s lessons together, you both can grow as people! If you both want some serious inspo, listen to the episode of Him & Her called How to Constantly Level Up, Motivate Yourself, Maximize Your Time, and Keep Growing.

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Strengthened Emotional Connection

Having an emotional connection with someone makes you feel truly seen, heard, and cherished. No matter what endeavor you take on, all the quality time you spend working together will help to build emotional familiarity. Plus, when you’re working toward shared goals, chances are that your emotions are somewhat in sync. This can strengthen your emotional connection and help your teammates recognize when something’s off.

Being able to lean on each other emotionally despite challenges in your professional and personal lives not only strengthens your bond, but can also help foster a positive work environment and boost your mental health. Emotion wellness is the real deal!

Memories from Meaningful Experiences

Friendships are built on meaningful shared experiences. But those moments become much stronger when they are manifested from making magic with your friends. Whether celebrating big or small wins together, the memories you create while chasing your goals leave their mark forever and have you feeling genuinely grateful for your girls.

Mutual Support and Encouragement

Some days on the grind can feel like an uphill battle. But, having your girls in your corner, hyping you up every step of the way, can pick you back up and draw you closer to one another. When your work friends believe in you, and you believe in them, it can foster friendships and make all those late nights worth it. Nothing says we’ve got each other’s backs like pushing each other even when the going gets tough. Hopefully, your friends sit you down, pop in your headphones, and make you listen to this SUPER motivating episode of The Career Contessa called How To Create The Career & Life You Want By Creating Your Own Opportunities & Overcoming Your Hardships. 

Improved Communication Skills

When trying to achieve goals together, you and your friend must be on the same page 24/7. Hence, working alongside your girl helps to improve your communication skills through team building activities, open sharing, and feedback. Having solid communication skills allows you to not only smash your goals but also deepen your trust and mutual understanding.

Looking to level up your communication skills to make your team even MORE powerful? The Career Contessa, Lauren McGoodwin, is your girl! Listen to her share how to communicate effectively when you’re put on the spot.

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Working side-by-side with your friend makes your bond stronger.

We hope this has shown you just how much working with others can strengthen your friendship. Whether you’re sharing goals, lending support, solving problems together, or just having fun, doing life side-by-side can create unbreakable connections with unforgettable memories to go with it.

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We can’t wait to see you there!