We all want to give off good vibes. But, really giving off good vibes is about how you’re perceived by others. What about the way you want to perceive yourself??? We all want to FEEL good and FEEL powerful. And as women, we want to radiate feminine energy inside and out. 

For centuries femininity was seen as delicate, naive, and passive. And, most of all, feminine vibes were seen as less favorable to masculine energy. But, uh, we all know that those misogynistic thoughts are DEAD WRONG. Feminity is about being resilient, nurturing, fierce, smart, sexy, and confident. There are lots of reasons that anyone regardless of gender would love some pulses of feminine energy in their lives. 

So, today we’re dedicating this post to connecting with your feminine self. It’s there inside you and it’s waiting to burst through and freaking shine. Here’s how you can activate and radiate your feminine power:

How to Radiate Feminine Energy

How To Radiate Feminine Energy 

Some of us have really been told over the years to downplay our feminine side. Some of us are even embarrassed to show our feminine side and mask it with more “socially acceptable” masculine vibes. Honey, no! Embrace your femininity!!!

Also, feminine energy doesn’t have to be girlie or proper or any other stereotype. Again, being a female is all about strength, confidence, empathy, and beauty. You just need to be you and own it!!! If you want more on the specifics of what it means to be feminine, listen to the episode of The Papaya Podcast called “The One Where Strength is Feminine” and the episode of What We Said called “Feminine Energy + How to Be Confident.” These women know how to lay it out!!

How To Exude A Feminine Energy

Absolutely slay in some heels.

Okay. The number one way to feel that feminine power is to slayyyy in some high heels. When you wear heels you feel confident, you look confident, and you represent feminine culture in a super empowering way. In this episode of The Shine Series, Serena Williams talks about her fave shoes for confidence and boldness. (Uh, yeah, shoes are that powerful.) 

Pamper yourself.

To get in touch with your feminine side, girl, treat yo’self!!! When you feel good in your own skin you totally remember what it means to be feminine and beautiful. You could purchase some simple pleasures to make life feel more LUXE or you could up your personal-care game. Take a bath. Get a blowout. Watch trashy TV. Just pamper yourself!

Confidently go somewhere by yourself.

Why TF is it that we feel so self-conscious about going places alone? No way. You’re amazing. Go ahead and spend time alone and just love your own company! If that makes you super nervous, check out this post on why you should step out of your comfort zone. And, get inspo on how to spend time alone from Jaci and Chelsey from What We Said. 

Eat whatever the f*ck you want.

What are you craving right now??? Want a pizza? Want buttercream sugar cookie dough with crunchy flamingo sprinkles? I bet you do. We ALL do. So, go for it. Just own your body, your appetite, and your taste, and eat whatever the f*ck you want. If you’re struggling to ditch that toxic diet culture mindset and can’t bring yourself to indulge in your fave foods, tune into this episode of Food Heaven. It’ll empower you to feed your feminine spirit with foods she actually likes. 

Empower other women. 

Ladies, we’re all in this together. We need to act like it! If you want to feel connected to your femininity, connect to all female kind by empowering other women. Being Bumo has a great episode on this called “Inspiring & Instilling Confidence in Girls” that can really give you some ideas on how to empower the next generation of women!

Wear red lipstick.

You can’t help but feel like a badass boss b*tch with red lipstick. Put on your favorite shade of red for no other reason than to align with your divine feminine energy. It’ll help boost your confidence and give you the power to take on the day! 

Be creative and playful.

Women are naturally good at being creative and playful. Find this in yourself!!! Whether you want to simply find your creative voice or forge a creative career path, you deserve to spend time embracing your artsy side. 

Buy yourself something.

Embrace your femininity by buying yourself something you want. It can be pink. It can be black. Whatever it is, it just needs to help you feel feminine and valued. May we suggest the Hot Mess Ice Roller? The Lady Crap Carrier? A MILF Crew Neck? How about the F*cking Bitch PJ and Tea Set? You gotta grab yourself something from the Dear Media Shop. YOU’VE EARNED IT!

How to Exude Feminine Energy List

Give your body some love.

It’s so important that as women we show our bodies some love. You can do this by wearing something that flaunts a part of your body you’re normally insecure about or by giving yourself compliments when you see your own Insta pictures.  Learn more about body love in this episode of The Blonde Files! It’s one of the best ways to get in touch with your feminine side. 

Be spontaneous and have fun.

Another way to embody your feminine spirit is to be in the present moment by doing something fun or unexpected. Have the sudden urge to do a solo road trip? Do it. Want to get on stage and sing Spice Girls karaoke? DO IT. Radiate feminine energy by doing something exciting! 

Express whatever emotions you’ve got inside.

For just a minute, let’s not stuff our emotions or apply logic to our feelings. There is a time for emotional fitness, but sometimes you just gotta feel. Take a moment just to express your emotions—whether you’ve got the Sunday blues or straight-up FEMININE RAGE. Just own it. 

Trust your instincts. 

One of our best feminine energy traits is intuition. Women are so good at reading people and situations! Meditate on your inner guidance system and remember to always trust your intuition. You can learn more about that with Gabby Bernstein from Dear Gabby and Alexis Haines from Recovering from Reality

Unapologetically explore your sensuality. 

Do not let ANYONE sl*t shame you. Your sexuality is part of who you are. One of the reasons you may feel out of touch with your femininity is that you’re stuffing your sensuality. This one might be hard for you, so here are some sisters to help you explore your sexuality:

Beautify your space. 

Why not make your space a little prettier??? Give it some of your feminine essence? Get yourself some fake plants. Buy some coffee table books. Declutter your desk. Do whatever is needed to create a new zen space

Quit doing something you hate. 

So many of us women are SUCH people pleasers. If you really want to increase your feminine power, quit doing sh*t you hate. (Our girl Payton Sartain has a whole episode of Note to Self on this.) For once, focus on what you love, and, as Kenzie Elizabeth puts it, remember that self-love isn’t selfish! You could be the happiest you’ve ever been doing the opposite of what everyone wants. So, just go for it.

Add a feminine ritual to your daily routine. 

Embodying feminine energy isn’t just about today, it’s about EVERY DAY. Pick up new routines or habits to keep you in touch with your femininity. Here are some Dear Media podcast episodes that should help out: 

feminine energy

It’s time to radiate feminine energy with your Dear Media fam! 

Okay, so final thoughts on emulating feminine energy? You just gotta own it. Do what feels good and remember all the amazing things about being a female. For more self-help content and top podcast recs, check out the Dear Media blog. We’ve got what you need to become your best beautiful self!