The stigma of mental health has had a big impact on culture. Many people paint fake smiles, say they’re good, and keep all their mental struggles a secret for fear of being weak or burdensome on their friends and family. But, this is SO damaging to a person and really society as a whole!

Luckily, millennials have paved the way for mental health acceptance. Finally, the shame is breaking down and people are opening up caring for their mental health. However, we’re not all that good at it yet—not after years of suppressing literally everything!

To help you stay grounded and focused on your well-being, we’re sharing a round-up of daily  mental health reminders to get you through the day:

Mental Health Reminders

8 Mental Health Reminders 

Self-care is not selfish.

Taking care of yourself should always be your first priority. Self-care is NOT selfish! First of all, it reminds you that how you feel matters. Second of all, it’s much easier to pour into others when your cup is already full. You can learn more about this in the episode of ILYSM titled Why Self-Love is Not Selfish, How to Ask For Help, How to Ditch People Pleasing & Morning Matras for Self Confidence

Stop worrying about letting people down and making everyone happy. It’s straight-up not your job to manage other people’s emotions and problems! If you want to be generous with your time and resources, that’s fine, but make sure you’re in good mental and physical health first by practicing regular self-care! 

If self-care is totally new to you, listen to the episode of Balanced Black Girl called The History of Self-Care: A Revolutionary Act. Hopefully, it’ll give you some serious inspo! 

Have compassion for yourself.

We all sang along to Hannah Montana’s “Nobody’s Perfect,” but it seems like we’ve all forgotten the points. It’s time to stop being so hard on yourself! 

You’re allowed to be wrong and make mistakes. The only way we grow in life is through facing trials and doing a lot of dumb sh*t. Focus instead on where you are now, accept your mistakes, and move on. 

Once you have some self-compassion, you’ll discover a new sense of confidence and love for yourself. It’s exhilarating and SO worth it. Don’t freakin’ forget how amazing you are! If you still need some support here, listen to How to Fall in Love With Yourself from What We Said

Two things can be true at the same time. 

Along that same line, remember that two things can be true at the same time. You can be a great friend and struggle to make time for your relationships. It’s also true that you can be an amazing girlfriend and have selfish tendencies. You can also be a rockstar mom and lose your cool sometimes. 

Stop using absolutes like, “I’m a bad friend” or “I’m the worst daughter.” These statements simply aren’t true. No one is perfect for anything, so we need to remind ourselves of what we’re doing well and remember that it’s okay to be in progress in other areas. 

Hell, if you’re already aware of your flaws and working on them, that’s already better than 90% of people. You’re doing amazing! Give yourself a break from all the negative self-talk

Things really do get better. 

Bad days happen. For some of us, those bad days are really bad. When you find yourself in these dark moments, it’s easy to convince yourself that things are just going to get worse and worse. This can plunge you into deep dread and depression. 

But, things really do get better. Every trial is just a season. You’ve felt like this before and got through it—you can do it again! Make sure you just have good coping skills in your back pocket: do deep breathing, meet with a counselor, practice meditation, keep a gratitude journal, and focus on your physical health. 

There’s a lot you can do! Focus on what you can control and don’t let hopeless thoughts invade your mind. There is always hope. 

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Getting help isn’t weak.

There is nothing weak about going to therapy. Going to see a professional to improve your mental health is not the same as waving a white flag and giving up. NO WAY! In fact, it’s totally the opposite. Getting therapy is like finally going to battle to fight your internal battles. You can hear more about this in the episode of Dear Gabby called Stop the Stigma and Shift the Shame: A Spiritual Conversation About Mental Health and Trauma

A therapist is going to help you understand your struggles, develop good coping skills, and heal from your trauma. And, when we say trauma, we don’t necessarily mean something super harrowing and intense. Trauma can be any experience that’s had lasting side effects in your life. We’ve all had that! (I mean, we’re all still recovering from the season finale of Gossip Girl, right???) 

The point is: that everyone could use a therapist. It’s best to connect with a mental health professional before you hit rock bottom, so you always have someone in your corner when things go south. You owe it to yourself to invest in your mental health and get some help!

Still, need a push? Listen to Gabby Bernstein talk about how she cares for her mental health as a mental health expert herself. If she’s allowed to have a therapist, so are you!!!

Focus on one-degree changes every day. 

Healing is hard. Changing your life and behaviors isn’t easy. While you’re in the process, it can feel like you’re not making any strides in the right direction. It can just feel like your wheels are spinning non-stop and you’re going nowhere. When this happens, you may feel like totally giving up on your journey. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Chloe Kardashian’s glow-up didn’t happen in an afternoon. Don’t expect big leaps toward your goals! Focus on small, one-degree changes every day that’ll stairstep you slow and steady to your destination. Learn more about this in How to Transform Your Life By Making Small Changes with Massive Impact from the Him & Her podcast

You don’t need to be productive all the time. 

We’re all bad about this one. So many of us put so much of our self-worth into how productive we are. This leads to serious burnout and feelings of worthlessness. But, guys, we do not need to be productive 24/7! 

Leave time for rest and self-care. Cut out so much of your to-do lists. Start saying no to everything. Focus your value on something else other than the amount you “produce.” Your overachieving attitude will not lead to happiness!!! 

If this is you, you’ll love our new show Good Morning, Monster. This first season focuses on a successful boss b*tch who, despite all of our success, struggles with tanking mental health issues. Guys, the struggle is here and we are here for you! Check out these podcast episodes for more help:

You may have trauma, but you always have a choice.

No matter what you’ve been through, whether it’s big or small, you command your own destiny. Don’t feel defeated by your past! Embrace the setbacks and find your way forward, as Lestraundra of Balanced Black Girl puts it. Or, as our Balanced Blonde Jordan Younger puts it: Create a life you love! (You can even get a crewneck that manifests that sh*t.) 

If you need some inspiration to get you through, listen to these podcast episodes:

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We’re wishing you all the good vibes on your mental health journey! 

We hope this list helped you get your mental health back on track! Use these daily reminders to keep you focused on your wellness goals. And, if you need extra prompts, listen to our best mental health podcasts, drink your morning joe from the mental health checklist mug, and put your work essentials in your Be Kind to Your Mind tote

Remember, YOU are your first priority. Your BFFs here at Dear Media are here to support you and encourage you on your journey. It’s time for a new chapter!