Investing in yourself is one of the best forms of self-care. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it can be hard to find time to actually sit down and work on improving yourself. Reading a book? Attending a course? Even seeing a therapist? All things we should all do, but never make the time for. 

Something we can all make time for, however, is listening to a self-improvement podcast. Podcasts on improvement and overall wellness allow you to learn about self-help topics while on-the-go. And there is no shortage of podcasts on topics like anxiety, depression, life, business, grieving, productivity, relationships, and so on. 

So, if you’re on a journey of self-improvement, we highly recommend giving some self-improvement podcasts a try. But, where to start? Here’s our roundup of the best podcasts that can help inspire and motivate you to become the person you REALLY want to be. 

15 Best Podcasts For Self Improvement 

Note to Self

Meet Payton Sartain – influencer turned podcaster and host of Note to Self. With episodes ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, Payton and her special guests discuss tons of self-improvement topics. From overcoming breakups to the stigma behind antidepressants, get ready for some seriously sisterly advice. 

Our recommendation: A Guide To Your Best Breakup Ever

Everything Is The Best

From answering all your pressing relationship questions to giving you solid advice on how to make all your dreams come true, Pia Baroncini is here to tell you everything is the best…when it’s not the worst. Hear from Pia’s husband, her mom, and a slew of other guests as Pia strives to level the playing field and show listeners just how much we, as humans, have in common. In general, episodes last about one hour. 

Our recommendation: Managing Stress, Passion vs Love, Feeling Good in your Body and More! 

The Papaya Podcast

Inspirational, candid, and real are the best words to describe The Papaya Podcast. Hosted by Sarah Nicole, each episode is just under an hour and full of bits of the best advice and wisdom for living your most fulfilling life. As well as super relatable stories and personal anecdotes. Just to name a few, you’ll hear about topics like grief, career, sex, motherhood, trauma, and more. 

Our recommendation: The One About Creating Boundaries & Trusting Your Intuition with Yasmine Cheyenne


Get ready to learn how to improve ALL your relationships in this podcast brought to us by Kamie Crawford. Whether you’re struggling with your romantic relationships, your friendships, your coworkers, or your personal connection to yourself, this is the perfect podcast for all around self-improvement. No holes barred and alllll the tea, stuffed into one hour episodes each and every week. 

Our recommendation: Self Love with Achieng Agutu

The Nicole Walters Podcast

Dating, love, loss, trauma, friendship, and business are just a few of the topics discussed in this inspirational podcast. Tune in each week as Nicole Walters answers listener questions and provides actionable strategies for living your best life. Episodes are about 30 minutes long, making it super easy to fit this podcast into your busy schedule. 

Our recommendation: Healing Others & Yourself

The Balanced Blonde

Jordan Younger, entrepreneur and creator of The Balanced Blonde, brings us this half-solo, half-interview podcast. With Jordan, you’ll dive deep into topics like spiritual awakening, wellness, nutrition, healing, astrology, channeling, and more. Plus, you’ll hear interviews from Jordan with TONS of other Dear Media podcast hosts, such as Kenzie Elizabeth, Gabby Bernstein, Siffat Haider, and Dr. Will Cole. You can expect each episode to last about one hour – sometimes less, sometimes more. 

Our recommendation: Gabby Bernstein: Happy Days, Postpartum Guidance, Moving Through Loss, Inner Child Healing, & More 

The Art Of Being Well

Speaking of Dr. Will Cole, we bring you The Art of Being Well. Dr. Cole is a leading functional medicine expert and best-selling author, with tons of experience helping people gain overall wellness. For the mind, body, AND soul. If you’re ready to get serious about your wellness journey, think of Dr. Cole as your guide. Then, tune in each week for an hour of the best self-care tips on becoming the person you’re truly meant to be. 

Our recommendation: Chris Kresser: These SURPRISING Nutrient Deficiencies Make You Feel Like Crap

Real Pod

As the name implies, the Real Pod is a hardcore self-help podcast about REAL life. The successes, failures, struggles, and strife that we ALL deal with. Think mental health, body image, eating disorders, health and wellness, and just life in general. Join Victoria Garrick, mental health and body-image advocate, each week for best-friend quality advice that will remind you that we’re all in this together. Episodes vary in length from about 45 minutes to an hour, and often include well-known special guests. 

Our recommendation: Becca Tilley on Finding Love, Owning Who You Are, & Surrounding Yourself with Good People

The Blonde Files Podcast

Do you have wellness questions? You’ve come to the right place. Get ready to hear from Arielle Lorre and tons of special guests and experts on all things wellness. From finding inner peace and solace to the truth about those trending cosmetic procedures, this podcast is your one-stop-shop for feeling good, and looking even better while you do it. In general, episodes are about one hour long. 

Our recommendation: Listening to Your Body & Not Everyone Else with Jennifer Fisher

Being Bumo

Being Bumo is about all things marriage, relationships, parenting, careers, and life in general. If you find yourself struggling in any of these areas, this is the perfect podcast for you. Through real, raw, and honest stories of overcoming adversity, you can expect to expand your horizons and better prepare yourself for whatever life might throw at you. Chriselle Lim and Sara Sohn are the hosts of this personal development podcast and bring us an hour of new and exciting content each Tuesday. 

Our recommendation: Self Care or Burn Out

Dear Gabby

Life-changing transformations, personal growth, and spirituality are the main topics discussed in Dear Gabby. Each week, Gabby Bernstein sits down with unique and interesting guests to share experiences and advice for how to handle life’s toughest challenges. What listeners love most is Gabby’s unscripted and free-flowing conversational style. Get comfy and tune each week for an hour of life-altering content.

Our recommendation: Gabby’s BEST Relationship Advice for Friendships, Romance, and More

Divorced Not Dead

Ladies and gentlemen, divorce is NOT the end. Caroline Stanbury is here to tell you that the end of your relationship is not the end of your life. And in fact, it could be the beginning of your best life yet. While it might sound like this podcast is just for divorcees, it’s not. It’s for anyone ready to regain control of their confidence and get back to their true self. Episodes range in length from 30 minutes to an hour, and often include special guests. 


Dr. Jackie’s Point of V

Questions about your health ‘down there’? Dr. Jackie is your one-stop-shop for all things sexual health and confidence. In addition to tons of life, business, and financial advice as well. Dr. Jackie’s Point of V breaks down sexual stigmas while raising up women. All while reminding us that we are all special in our own way. With episodes all one hour or less, you’ll hear from couples counselors, doctors, psychologists, influential people, and more each and every Thursday. 

Our recommendation: Navigating genital body image, sexual shame and pleasure mapping to find your Sexy Swagger with Dr. Uchenna “UC” Ossai

Earth to Ariana

Learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable with Ariana Madix. You might recognize her from Vanderpump Rules. From destigmatizing mental health and promoting self-care, to sharing the most down-to-earth stories and experiences, Ariana’s podcast has something for everyone. Take a load off and join the conversation – your new BFF’s are waiting. Episodes range in length, depending on the topic. 

Our recommendation: Cat Lady Is A Compliment (w/ Eileen Kelly)

Looking Up

With a combination of holistic practices and evidence-based science, Deepika Chopra brings us wholehearted optimism in each and every hour-long episode. Looking Up is all about optimism, success, hope and resiliency, in addition to the simple ins and outs of being human. Special guests include elite athletes, thought leaders, recording artists, couples, parents, poets, experts, and more. 

Our recommendation: On creating a vibe of love, communicating without words, and coming out with Vince Coconato from Bob’s Dance Shop

Start your self-improvement journey today!

Self-improvement IS self-care. So, don’t hold back anymore. Give yourself some much deserved self-love. If you’re in need of self-improvement inspiration, use this roundup of podcasts as your starting point. You’ll gain tons of helpful advice and actionable tips to help you along your journey and beyond. 

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