Relationships with a married man are frowned upon and it’s always the other woman people blame. While in most cases it is true there are times when the lying cheating man is keeping things from both of the women. So, how do you deal when one day all of a sudden you find out that indeed you are that other woman you have been seeing in TV serials and movies? Here are the common psychological effects we will be going through today because that’s what you are about to feel honey! 

Psychological Effects of Being the Other Woman

10 Psychological Effects of Being the Other Woman

You’ll feel crazy guilty

You know you will feel guilty for the rest of your life for being the other woman and wrecking someone’s home. Most women don’t know what they are getting themselves into when they start a relationship. And when you get to know that your partner lied and that basically you are the other woman in the relationship, well we know that sucks! You start to associate all the negative emotions with your personality. If he says that he will leave his wife for you, well the feelings of guilt just escalate.  

It lowers your self-esteem

A woman feels confident when she is in love. Now imagine that you just got to know that it’s you who is the other woman in the relationship. What would you do? You will start to feel bad about yourself and it just won’t end there. Being someone’s affair partner hits you damn hard and that’s when you start doubting yourself. You know that you will have to go down the road of being single again, and if that hurts we are here to help you with that. Here, try listening to The Single Girl’s Guide To Mastering Self-Love & Breaking Toxic Relationship Patterns with Lifestyle Guru Sierra NielsenReal Pod

You don’t feel confident in your skin and everything starts crashing down. So, if you start feeling bad about yourself and stop taking care of your body, we suggest you start listening to these podcasts; Bad Body-Image Days, That “Not Good Enough” Feeling, & The Pressures of Being An Influencer Real Pod and Live Guilt Free with Honesty & Integrity Part 1 and Part 2Him and Her

Loneliness is a huge problem

Imagine you invested so hard in a relationship just to stay away from loneliness and when you found out that you are the other woman, well, you were back to square one. You start to feel sad and might even remove all your posts from social media. This phase might not last long but in that time you really don’t want to hang out or talk to anyone, even your friends. And girls, if you are the one struggling with loneliness right now, we know just the right podcast for you. Listen to Why Are We So Lonely? How You Can Truly Find Meaning, Purpose, & Connection (feat. Dr. Varun Soni)Real Pod

It can make depression and anxiety way worse

There’s no lie when we say most people around us suffer from depression and anxiety. While healthy relationships can help you take better care of these two, one wrong move and everything can just shatter. Therapists talk about toxic relationships and mental health all the time because it can take months to get out of a bad relationship. Your mental health starts deteriorating the moment you get to know how you have been tricked into being the other woman. While it is a good habit to visit a therapist these days, you should also practice self-care at home. Try listening to the podcast How Can I Care for My Mental Health?Dear Gabby and see how you can implement these things at home and love yourself. 

You’ll be stressed ALL the time

Before we dive in, try listening to The Science Of Reducing Anxiety, Stress + Toxic ThinkingThe Art of Being Well. Now, let’s address the major problem you will be facing; your stress. Stress is the one thing that won’t leave your side unless you leave him. Yes, the pressure of what she will be thinking, the resentful behavior, the fights, and the low self-esteem, everything leads to you being stressed literally all the damn time. Everything will suck for you and you won’t ever be able to keep yourself happy. 

Psychological Effects of Being the Other Woman List

There’s no trust

They say trust is the abscess of a good relationship and we all agree to that. But what happens when there’s nothing left in the relationship? You will never be able to trust your man because he kept such a big thing from you. While people might not think of this as typical cheating, be mindful that you are also being cheated on. He lied and kept such a big part of his life in the dark. So, it’s all-natural to have trust issues. But, these trust issues escalate and you start to see every other man with the same eyes as the one who broke your trust. And we know how it can create hurdles for you in the long run. So, we present you with the podcast to help you with this cheating; How To Overcome CheatingWe Met at Acme

Your friends and family will not be into it

The constant pressure of society is what makes these kinds of situations harder. You know that you won’t be having anyone’s support. In fact, in most cases, people don’t even see that you didn’t know about being the other woman and it has affected you just as much as the first woman in his life. So, you start to feel that this is your fight and you are alone in this battle of pulling yourself out of this whole mess. 

It can feed a lot of resentment and jealousy

As kids when our best friend used to talk to someone else, we would feel jealousy and resentment. While relationships aren’t like that, you might start to feel resentful towards his wife when you know that you will always be his second choice. When he starts avoiding you because his wife is now pissed at him, you start to see that you were never going to be his first choice. That all those promises and dreams were an illusion. You start to spend your time hating her even though the poor woman has no wrongdoing in the whole fiasco. And if you want to know how to overcome this feeling, check this podcast out; Overcoming Jealousy, In-Law Boundaries, & More!What We Said

The break-ups are super messy

Breaking up with your partner is never easy, even when you know how you are with the other woman. You may think about it for a long time before actually getting the courage to do it. And remember, these breakups are always going to be super messy. They will leave a mark on your soul but not only that you will feel lost after you break things off with your lying partner. There are a few things you must do like practicing meditation and seeking a therapist. But, if you want to really get a grip on your life, start listening to different podcasts

You’ll carry these issues to your next relationship

This goes without saying that once you start to feel like shit, there’s no going back. It’s because of him that you start to feel insecure and you will take these issues to your next relationship. However, if you practice self-care and start listening to podcasts like How to Heal Your HeartbreakDivorced Not Dead you might find a way to be yourself in the committed relationships coming forth. 

Stop being someone’s second choice by being the other woman

Stop being someone’s second choice by being the other woman

You read that right. Do you know you are too precious to be treated like shit? So, as soon as you know that you are indeed the other woman in a relationship, our advice would be to get out of that toxicity as soon as possible. Because at one point or the other, you will be getting societal pressure and he will leave you hanging in the middle. Love yourself ladies, and don’t ever be a man’s second choice!