The popularity of podcasts is steadily increasing as years go by. Nowadays, there are thousands of active podcasts and new podcasts are being launched every single day. With that being said, as a new podcast host, it’s important to make your voice stand out in the sea of podcasts. It’s important that you make your own mark in this crazy world of podcasting. 

So, what makes a successful podcast? Of course, some podcasts are way more successful than others, but why? While there is no single secret to making a successful podcast, there are some key tips you can utilize that can help set your podcast apart from the rest. 

So, with that mind, we’re sharing a roundup of secrets that can help make your podcast a jaw-dropping success. Let’s dive right in, shall we? 

10 Secrets To A Successful Podcast

Don’t be afraid to take the leap.

First and foremost, don’t be afraid to take the risk – take the leap – and get your voice out there. The most unsuccessful podcasts are the ones that never make it online for the world to hear. If you need a little push, listen to these confidence boosting podcasts. They will lift you up, remind you how badass you are, and motivate you to follow your passion for podcasting. 

Invest in the right equipment. 

When it comes to podcasting, you can’t afford to invest in poor quality equipment. Not only does poor quality equipment reduce your overall podcast quality, but it also reduces your podcasting capabilities, freedom, and creativity. The better equipment you invest in now, the more it will pay off later. 

Dear Media is our name and podcasting is our game. So, to see what podcasting equipment we recommend, check out our blog about literally everything you need to start a podcast: What Do You Need to Start a Podcast? And if you like that article, be sure to browse through the Dear Media Blog for more on all things podcasting. We’ve got everything from How to Title a Podcast Episode to Elements of a Good Podcast

Ensure top notch sound quality. 

One of the most important aspects to any successful podcast is sound quality. If your podcast has too many background noises, popping noises, or if it’s too hard to hear, listeners will immediately look for a different source of entertainment. Ways to ensure great sound quality include purchasing a dynamic microphone (rather than a condenser microphone), investing in your recording studio, and speaking closer to your microphone. 

Stick to a consistent release schedule. 

If there’s one thing listeners love, it’s consistency. Listeners love the anticipation of a new episode each and every week. And, even more, they love that they can count on there actually being some new and interesting content for them to take in – from someone they love. You!

To give you a few examples, new episodes of Relationsh*t are released every Friday. And new episodes of Trading Secrets are released every Monday. You get the gist. So, once you launch your podcast, be sure to stick to a schedule of releasing at least one podcast episode a week and be sure to release it on the same day each week. 

Always be authentic.

Two things that listeners really crave from podcast hosts are authenticity and passion. This is why it’s so important to choose podcast topics that you’re truly passionate about and topics that you actually know about. Any hint of inauthentic behavior or any waver in your knowledge of your chosen subject will send your listeners running to the next podcast. 

If you’re struggling with this one, be sure to check out this article. It will walk you through how to brainstorm for topics that you’re passionate about and how to turn these topics into podcast episodes. 

Create thorough outlines. 

Great podcast episodes start with great episode outlines. Episode outlines are a quick breakdown of all the important points you’d like to make throughout your episode. They usually include your intro, a breakdown of your content, important points, quotes, or music, and your outro. 

Outlines are excellent for helping you stay on track. Especially during those moments where you completely forget what you were talking about. We all have those moments. Other benefits of outlines include keeping you organized, reducing editing time later, and reducing the amount of actual thinking you have to do while recording. This way, recording is more fun and the result is a better quality podcast with fewer mistakes, fewer edits, and a more authentic feel. 

Keep those listeners entertained. 

Just because you have a podcast doesn’t mean you have to speak the whole entire time. In fact, this can actually be a deterrent to listeners. Of course, listeners want to listen and learn from your podcast. But, this is super hard to do when someone is speaking for every second of the episode. 

Instead, keep your listeners entertained in a variety of ways. Sure, speaking will take up the majority of your time. But, you should also feel free to add in small anecdotes, humor, videos, sounds, transition effects, and even music. This will break up the content, making it easier for your listeners to stay engaged. And, by being creative, you can use these sound effects to really set your podcast apart. You can create sounds and noises that immediately remind your listeners of your brand and keep them coming back for more. 

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Invite relevant and intriguing guests. 

Listeners love a good interview. There’s nothing like a interesting and intriguing conversation to draw in those listeners and keep them coming back for more. So, even if you started a solo podcast, you should still consider hosting a podcast interview from time to time. As well as consider being a guest on someone else’s podcast from time to time. If done correctly, podcast interviews can greatly increase your popularity among your listeners. 

Just remember that you can’t just choose any old guest. Start by thinking about your audience and who they might want to hear from. Those are the people you want to reach out to. For more on interviewing, check out these awesome blogs: How to Prepare for a Podcast Interview, How to Conduct a Good Podcast Interview, and Fun Interview Questions

Explore routes of monetization. 

For most, the idea of being a successful podcaster means that their podcast is helping them make some money. That’s the goal, right? So, with that in mind, one of the main aspects of creating a successful podcast is monetization. But, how can you monetize your podcast? Well, there are many routes and you should explore them all. 

First, you have digital marketing. By marketing yourself and your podcast on social media and through email lists, you may pick up sponsors and lovers of your podcast may even want to donate to your cause. You can also explore the merchandise route. With this option, you make and sell podcast merch to fans. And of course, you reap the profits. You can also create paid membership tiers, sell premium episodes, or enter affiliate partnerships. Really, there are plenty of options when it comes to monetizing your podcast. 

Research and learn from competition. 

Last, but certainly not least, it’s essential to research and learn from your competition. Are there other podcasts in your niche? How successful are they and why? Is there something they are doing that you aren’t? Ask yourself these questions and more as you research your niche and try to grow your brand.

Don’t forget that you can also learn from yourself! Which of your episodes are more successful than others? Which have barely any views? Assess yourself and your progress on a regular basis so that you can learn from your own trial and error. Make small changes here and there to see what works. And eventually, you will know what works best for you and your audience. 

You’re already on the way to creating a super successful podcast!

Congrats! Just by taking the time to read this article, you’re already on the way to creating a super successful podcast. The hardest part of creating a podcast is taking the time and energy to research what works and what doesn’t. Here at Dear Media, we hope this article will help guide you along your journey to podcasting success and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you have any additional questions or comments, drop us a line below. And for more on podcasting, entrepreneurship, and more, head on over to the Dear Media Blog. See you guys next time!