The internet has made getting self-help resources way easier than it was in the past. You don’t have to buy a book or see a motivational speaker to find ways of bettering your life and finding fulfillment. (Though we love a good self-help book and speaking event.) Self-help podcasts are the perfect way to invest in yourself daily, so you always feel supported and empowered! 

Self-help comes in a lot of different forms. After all, we’re all struggling with different things. Some of you may be working through anxiety, depression, or other mental health crises, whereas others are trying to find the right skin care routine or diet plan to boost their confidence. Because of this, everyone will connect with different podcasts. You’ll find shows that zero-in on specific self-help topics and ones that cover it all! 

So, to help you find the self-help podcast that’ll be the most beneficial for you, we’re sharing a round-up of our 16 favorite self-help podcasts. Every podcast will be impactful and motivate you to take on the hurdle in front of you. You can get through this (whatever it is) with the help of these self-help podcasts:

Best Self-Help Podcasts

16 Best Self-Help Podcast

Dear Gabby

Gabby Bernstein isn’t just a podcaster, she’s also a bestselling author and motivational speaker who helps people all over the world! Her show Dear Gabby is the perfect self-help podcast, because she dishes out real-time life coaching on every mental health topic under the sun! From overcoming eating disorders to manifesting your dream career, Dear Gabby has you covered.

Fave Episode: 4 Ways to Change Your Mood Fast

Everything Is The Best

We all have something we’re working through. Whether we’re trying to get healthy or get rich, the climb toward our goals can feel lonely. Host Pia Barocini interviews thought leaders in every niche and encourages them to share their real story of success—the good, the bad, and the ugly. She hopes this vulnerability helps listeners feel not so alone in their pursuit of a better life. 

Fave Episode: Finding Value in Your Struggles with Dane Ensley, founder of Reconstruction Unlimited

Good Instincts

Taking care of our bodies is such an important part of our self-help journey. Good Instincts is hosted by Shire Barlow, MS, RD, who is a registered dietitian and self-proclaimed “Food Therapist.” Every episode, she helps listeners eat thoughtfully while navigating their busy lives. You’ll get everything from celebrities seeking nutrition plans to moms looking for quick healthy snacks during naptime. It’s nutrition for all!

Fave Episode: Mindful Goal Setting: Tips for Setting Realistic and Sustainable Health Goals

The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her

Him & Her has a little bit of everything in the health, wellness, business, and relationships categories. This means you can get a well-rounded education in being your best self with the Him & Her podcast hosts Michael and Lauryn Bosstick. It’s a one-stop shop for personal growth, no matter where you need support. 

Fave Episode: Olivia Ponton On Body Image Perception, Sexuality, Wellness Practices, & Mental Health

I Love You So Much

Kenzie Elizabeth of the I Love You So Much podcast is another rockstar host that covers a wide range of self-help topics. She interviews new thought leaders every week and lets them teach on what they know best. Get all the best expert advice on relationships, productivity, mental health, and living to the fullest with the ILYSM podcast!

Fave Episode: Melissa Wood | Finding Peace, Confidence, and Clarity in Your Twenties . . It Will All Work Out

It Sure is a Beautiful Day

This podcast not only inspires you to get well and reach your dreams, but it also celebrates all your accomplishments, big and small. Host Catt Sadler sometimes has interviews with celebrities and other times she just sits down with her close friends and family. The podcast is raw, authentic, and the perfect place to reflect on your life and seek renewal. 

Fave Episode: Why Your Brain Health is Key to Your Happiness with Doc Amen

Life With Marianna

If you are ready to create a meaningful life, career, or relationship, Marianna Hewitt can get you there. In this podcast, Marianna interviews influencers, brand founders, and celebrities that discuss self-help topics from skincare routines and overcoming ADHD to career changes and self-love. Let Life with Marianna be your new favorite all-in-one personal growth podcast!

Fave Episode: Aurora James on Making an Impact, Overcoming CHallenges in Business, and Finding Joy

Mind. Body. No Soul.

Want to get spiritual without the hokey hippie stuff? Mind. Body. No Soul. is the perfect podcast for you. Jackie Schimmel is a morally flexible spiritual advisor that delivers guided merciless meditations, aggressive affirmations, and maniacal mantras to her listeners. Her podcast is super approachable for people at any stage of their self help journey. It’s wellness for the unwell!

Fave Episode: F*ck Your Family

Self-Help Podcasts List

Note to Self

Payton Sartain of Note to Self is all about expert tips and sisterly advice to help you navigate any stage of life. These honest conversations give you everything you need to get grounded, explore new perspectives, and empower yourself to live well. You can expect every topic from facing your inner critic to overcoming friend breakups. 

Fave Episode: 5 Simple Things I’ve Done to Improve My Daily Life

Pursuit of Wellness

Host Mari Lewellyn had a long journey of radical honesty, goal-setting, and self-discipline to feel comfortable in her own body. Now, she uses the wisdom from her own life to help others on their own health and wellness journey. While listening to the Pursuit of Wellness podcast, you’ll seriously feel like you have a life coach right in your ear, helping you find your way. 

Fave Episode: Rachel Dillon On Healthy Habits, Fitness, Flexible Eating, Relationships, Building Confidence, Body Image, and Burn Out

The Art of Being Well

Dr. Will Cole is a functional medicine expert and best-selling author who helps thousands of people every week with their self-help and wellness journey using his self-improvement podcast. If you’re worried about an aggressive, in-your-face approach to health, understand that’s not The Art of Being Well vibe at all! Dr. Will Cole is gentle and patient as he teaches you how to nurture your body, spirit, and mind.

Fave Episode: Jason + Colleen Wachob: The Joy Of Well-Being (Intentional Eating, Ditching Toxic Diet Culture & Longevity Secrets For A Healthier, Happier Life)

The Balanced Blonde // Soul on Fire

Jordan Younger is a spiritual leader who interviews dear friends, healers, practitioners, and some of the most successful people on the planet to help her podcast listeners find balance, joy, success, and spirituality in this fast-paced world. You can expect unfiltered convos about wellness, nutrition, healing, astrology, channeling, angels and aliens, and realms beyond. If you’re ready for a spiritual awakening, let Jordan be your guide!

Fave Episode: How to Live as Your Future Self, Intention Setting, & 10 Spiritual Rules for Being Human

The Blonde Files Podcast

For a self-help podcast that’ll help you feel fulfilled and looked after, check out The Blonde Files hosted by Arielle Lorre. She gives you the inside scoop on everything from beauty hacks and daily routines to healing your body and managing chronic stress. This show will help you be your best self and look good doing it. 

Fave Episode: Toxic Stress Load, Our Ability to Adapt and How to be Healthy No Matter What with Tamen Jadad-Garcia

The Nicole Walters Podcast

Nicole Walter’s has a classic personal development podcast all about helping you find purpose. Every episode will have you listening in, taking notes, and laughing hysterically. She shares about her experience becoming a girl boss and managing her personal life, but she also takes lots of listener questions, making her feel like your personal life coach! 

Fave Episode:Marriage, Money, & More!

The Papaya Podcast

The Papaya Podcast has a little bit of everything. Host Sarah Nicole hosts new thought leaders every week who dish out some serious wisdom on their field of expertise. Whether you need help with friendships, body image, sex, parenting, or even daddy issues, The Papaya Podcast will get you what you need. Self help is just around the corner!

Fave Episode: The One About Asking Yourself Why with Case Kenny

With Whit

Whitney Port is just like you, dealing with all the same day-to-day struggles. She discusses relationships, parenthood, entrepreneurship, beauty, fashion, health, wellness, and anything else going on in her life. It can be so helpful to feel like you have someone going through life with you, and that’s how Whitney Port makes you feel. Along the way, she’ll also delivers advice and tips to help you with your own journey. 

Fave Episode: Getting the Negative Voice in Our Heads to BE QUIET with Dr. Ethan Kross

Other Podcasts for Self Betterment

Other Podcasts for Self Betterment

Self-help podcasts help you invest in yourself every day. 

We all need help sometimes. Some of us just need some tips on how to get more organized while others really need help overcoming big trauma and emotional struggle. The right podcast can guide you through almost anything with unfiltered wisdom and kind understanding. We hope you connect with one of these great podcasts. You can find more self-improvement content and a whole directory of stellar podcasts on the Dear Media website. Let’s get better together!