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“OMG, you’re going to love this new podcast” might be one of our favorite texts to get. Thank goodness for good recommendations, right? With millions of active podcasts to listen to, there’s definitely something for everyone, but choosing one can be annoyingly difficult. 

As self-proclaimed podcast aficionados, we know a thing or two about good podcasts. The ones that captivate and entertain you. Whether you’re into gripping true crime podcasts like Root of Evil or culture and society podcasts like This American Life, your next great listen is out there. Or, better yet, it’s mentioned in this post. So, without further ado, let’s get into the best new podcasts worth your ear and your time. 

new podcast to binge dear media edition

15 Best New Podcasts to Binge: Dear Media Edition

Best New Health And Wellness Podcasts

Mona-Vated with Mona Vand

Mona Vand, the host of the new podcast Mona-Vated, is a former pharmacist-turned-nutrition and natural wellness expert, educator, and entrepreneur. Ironically, she now strives to keep people off medications to begin with. Kind of makes you wonder what she learned as a pharmacist, right?

On her podcast, Mona dives into all aspects of well-being. She covers everything from nutrition and mindfulness to self-discovery, spirituality, fashion, and lifestyle. She aims to inspire, motivate, and educate people who want to live healthier, more balanced lives. If that sounds like you, you’re going to love Mona-Vated. 

The Squeeze with Taylor and Taylor Lautner

Twihards will immediately recognize the name of The Squeeze podcast co-host, but Taylor Lautner has come a long way since his role as Jacob Black. He is still ridiculously good-looking, but these days he’s spending more time behind a mic than in front of a film camera. And he’s doing it all with his incredible wife by his side. 

Taylor (not the actor, but the actor’s better half) first witnessed the ups and downs of mental wellness as a child. She began working as a nurse at the height of the pandemic and has struggled with her own mental health ever since. Now, as hosts of one of the best podcasts for women in their 20s, The Squeeze, Tay and her husband are blowing the lid off mental health. They share coping strategies and touching stories, and welcome celebrity and expert guests to contribute to the important conversation surrounding mental health. If you take one thing away from this podcast, let it be the comfort of knowing you’re not alone.

Balanced Black Girl

Les Alfred, the mastermind behind Balanced Black Girl, wants to help you find your balance and be genuinely happy. As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, Les felt frustrated and isolated. She founded the Balanced Black Girl podcast, to help connect people with experts, gurus, and a supportive community, and to share realistic health, self-care, personal development, and well-being advice. For a health and wellness podcast that can help you feel your best, check out Balanced Black Girl.

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Almost Adulting

How about one of the best self-care podcasts for your next binge-listen? Almost Adulting is more than just a podcast, it’s a movement. Host Violet Benson, a.k.a. Daddy Issues meme queen, comedian, and motivational speaker, learned everything the hard way so you don’t have to. Often with the help of incredible guests, Violet explores topics related to self-improvement, mental health, and relationships. Tune in for solid advice, life-changing tools, and LOL-worthy moments. There’s no better time than now to become the best version of yourself!

Fertility FM

Fertility FM is a podcast on a mission. Host Whitney Port, sponsored by CCRM Fertility, hopes to empower you with information and tools, no matter where you are in your fertility journey. Whitney covers topics like IVF, egg freezing, LGBTQ+ family planning, financial planning, and the nuances of black fertility. Somewhere between the personal experiences of the guests and the expertise of fertility doctors, you’ll find support, empowerment, and understanding. 

She MD

She MD just might be the best women’s health podcast of them all. Hosted by world-renowned OBGYN, Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi, “Dr. A,” and women’s advocate and influencer, Mary Alice Haney, She MD is educating and empowering women with the tools to be their own health advocates. They sit down with top experts and celebrity guests to talk about everything from PCOS and endometriosis to fertility and menopause. Are you ready to take charge of your health?


Transform is about to become your new favorite podcast. Hosts and besties Sami Clarke and Sami Spalter, the minds behind FORM, created their podcast, Transform, to give women the tools to become their best self. Whether it’s on an enthralling solo episode or an informative discussion with expert guests, the Samis dive into various wellness topics and get candid about their personal journeys. On Transform, no topic is off-limits.

new podcast to binge dear media edition

Best New Society And Culture Podcasts

Coming In Hot with Caroline Baudino

We love ‘Shop with Caroline’ on Instagram, so, we were thrilled when Caroline Baudino stepped into a new role as the host of one of the best new society and culture podcasts. On Coming In Hot, Caroline bares it all, sharing how she’s handling everything life throws her way. These days, women often feel pressured to take on an absurd number of roles and responsibilities. Caroline is determined to remind women how capable they are. Somehow, Caroline manages to convince us, time after time, that even the most chaotic path to self-discovery can be a beautiful journey.

Long Winded with Gabby Windey

Gabby Windey has been an ICU nurse, NFL cheerleader, contestant on The Bachelor, and even The Bachelorette, which gives her a unique perspective on everything from dating and sexuality to health and mental wellness. She also loves a good pop culture shit talk (don’t we all). Gabby is hilarious and surprisingly down to earth given her life in the fast lane, and she manages to cover serious topics with genuine relatability. 


We’re forever grateful for Vanderpump Rules, otherwise we might’ve never discovered the gem that is Stassi Schroeder Clark. On her new podcast, Stassi shares personal stories and reflections, as well as her take on pop culture, style, relationships, and more. Listeners adore this podcast for much of the same reason they loved her on the hit Bravo show; she’s unapologetically honest. 

All The Fails with Jenny Mollen

Failure isn’t exactly a topic that hypes people up. Yet Jenny Mollen managed to create a podcast all about failure and we can’t get enough of it. Jenny is a mom, comedian, and New York Times bestselling author, and she’s also a “total failure.” All The Fails is a podcast that can help you see even your biggest failures in a new light, because let’s face it, failure is inevitable. Through discussions with friends, celebrities, comedians, and more, Jenny is blowing the lid off perfection and helping you discover how to embrace your own disappointments. 

Best New Comedy Podcasts


Can we first talk about the name of this new comedy podcast? According to hosts Kristen McAtee and Alex Koot, Oddvice “is like advice but we’re not licensed professionals.” It’s the best new podcast to binge when you need some comedic relief. You’ll love listening to these 20-something best friends share their perspectives on a wide range of topics. We never know what they’re going to say, but it’s guaranteed to be entertaining. 


Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Baron are two of our all-time favorite podcast hosts, and they’re back with Ride, a comedy podcast that feels like a convo with your most hilarious friends. Each episode is loaded with the duo’s absurd and amusing takes on life and the latest things they ride for. These “absolute bimbos” come up with the craziest conversation topics, so expect the unexpected and be prepared to laugh your ass off. 

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new podcast to binge dear media edition

Best New Education Podcasts

Being Her 

On the new education podcast, Being Her, host Margarita Nazarenko discusses self-development, womanhood, and how she’s working on becoming the best version of herself. Margarita is an actress, life coach, and influencer who wants to educate and empower women to reach their full potential. Her insight into everything from self-confidence to relationships makes Being Her one of the best podcasts for women in their 30s, or any age really!

Best New True Crime Podcasts

Believable: The Coco Berthmann Story

Dear Media’s first true-crime podcast, Believable: The Coco Berthmann Story, tells the gripping true story of Coco Berthmann. Coco became internet-famous when she shared her story of surviving sex trafficking when she was a young child in Germany. She was then sheltered and supported by families in Utah, and it was there that her faith and fame came together. Fast-forward to 2022, Coco was arrested for raising money for a fake cancer diagnosis. Suddenly, every aspect of Coco’s life, as she shared it, was called into question. Did Coco have everyone fooled? Was any part of her life story true? Tune into Believable: The Coco Berthmann Story to find out. 

Which new podcast are you going to binge next?

Are you in the mood for an inspiring podcast focused on helping you improve your well-being or a comedy podcast that will actually make you laugh out loud? Your next binge-listen is just a click away, but before you go we’re dying to know which new podcast you’re streaming next. Share your top picks in the comments!

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