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Believable: The Coco Berthmann Story

with Sara Ganim, Edward R. Murrow, Karen Given

Coco Berthmann became internet-famous by sharing her story of surviving sex trafficking as a young child growing up in Germany. She was sheltered and supported by families in Utah, where her faith and fame intertwined. But in 2022, Coco was arrested for raising money for a fake cancer diagnosis, and people began to doubt everything that she had ever said. Is her life story truly one big elaborate lie? Dear Media’s first true crime podcast.


  • Episode 10: Call Us Anytime
  • Episode 9: The Cocoverse Crumbles
  • Episode 8.5: Time to Call in an Expert
  • Episode 8: All Hell Breaks Loose
  • Episode 7: No Drama Mama
  • Episode 6: On the Record
  • Episode 5: Why is There a Helicopter?
  • Episode 4: Almost Everything She Says… Is True
  • Episode 3: Unforced Errors
  • Episode 2: Stuck In The Desert With Satan
  • Episode 1: Something's Not Right
  • Introducing Believable: The Coco Berthmann Story
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