From 2022 – 2023, the number of active podcast listeners went up by over 40 million. And, leading to 2024? The number of podcast listeners is expected to go up by another 40 million. That’s a total of around 500 million podcast listeners!

The statistics are clear that people are increasingly turning to podcasts not as a niche form of media consumption, but as a totally trendy and competitive means of entertainment. Because of this, the podcast industry is booming!

So, to ride these 2022 podcast trends, what are popular podcasting styles for you to take advantage of this year? We’ve found that people listened to podcasts time and time again that have to do with reality TV flashbacks, wellness, mystery, pop culture, and so much more! 

Today, we’re going to explore some of these latest trends and dig into what they’re all about. Some of these new subgenres that listeners are really getting into will definitely surprise you! Get ahead of the game, and jump into one of these trending podcast niches. Here they are:

Latest Podcast Trends

11 Latest Podcast Trends (2023)

Reality TV Flashbacks/Post Reality Life 

People have loved reality TV for decades! But, after seeing so many shows come and go, you can find yourself a little nostalgic over shows and personalities you loved in the past. Keeping up with them on social media is great, but we’re seeing fans more and more wanting to connect with their favorite reality TV celebrities via a podcast!

These reality TV podcasts usually center on one or two topics: Rewatching episodes and reminiscing about the past reality TV life. Or, giving podcast audiences insight into a reality TV personality’s life years after the show. 

Back to the Beach is a BTS podcast about MTV’s “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County,” with original cast members. It’s the perfect one if you want to relive all those Laguna Beach moments! However, if you want to see what some of your fav reality stars are doing now, listen to Girls Night or Recovering from Reality. All of them are worth saving on your podcast app!  

Limited Mini Series

Mini series are getting increasingly popular on streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, so it’s no surprise to hear that it’s coming to the podcast world as well! Lots of people are doing limited podcast content to either tell a short narrative or to promote a new project. It’s a super effective way of reaching a new or established fan base! 

If you want a good example, Lauryn Bosstick of the legendary Skinny Confidential blog and podcast did a 14-episode mini series leading to the launch of her book “Get the F*ck Out of the Sun.” This is exactly how you do a limited podcast right! 

Corporate Conversations

There has always been a divide between corporations and their customers. It’s hard to create authentic conversations about the brand and their products without being too salesy. So, many companies have gone to podcasts to have these discussions and provide an additional resource for their customers. Stuart Weizman totally did this right with The Shine Series

Fiction Series

Podcasting has often been dominated by real-life conversations and stories. Much of the inspiration for podcasting came from classic radio talk shows, so it only feels natural that this would be the case! However, we’re seeing a rise in fiction series. Much like people like audiobooks, people love a fiction podcast!

In shows such as Bone, Marry, Bury, podcast creators combine true crime, whodunits, and docufictions to create something ultra-trendy and INSANELY entertaining. That’s why listenership for fiction podcasts has gone up 427% in the past year. People are into it!

Live Podcasts

Podcasts have become a total sensation. They are EVERYWHERE. And, audiences want to get closer and closer to their favorite hosts. Of course, showrunners have connected with their fans through exclusive memberships, blogs, and social media channels, but sometimes, a fan just wants to see the real damn thing. 

So, some podcast hosts have taken to the streets! (Well, not literally.) Popular podcasts with a booming fanbase find venues and execute and record their podcasts live. People purchase tickets and get to see their favorite hosts up-close-and-personal. 

Afterward, they do meet and greets and sell exclusive merch. It’s a blast! Here are some upcoming and past events performed by our Dear Media podcast hosts! 

Comedy Shows

The Internet has created a whole new way for comedians to find a following. Gone are the days of wrestling with booker after booker to get a hopefully-paid spot at a less than favorable venue. Now, comedians can find their fans online through social media and podcast platforms. 

The podcasts are sometimes traditional comedy routines, but other times it’s just comedians talking about surprising topics or discussing their everyday life with a hilarious twist. You can hear what we’re talking about in the podcast Absolutely Not! featuring comedian Heather McMahan. Definitely prepare to laugh!

Latest Podcast Trends

Pop Culture Discussions

Who’s still watching Entertainment Tonight? No one. (That show has seriously been on longer than most of us have been alive!) Anyway, pop culture news and discussion has really shifted to the podcast world. Good Guys and Not Skinny But Not Fat are both podcasts that use their episodes to break down what’s going on in entertainment news and give you their 2-cents while they’re at it. 

History Breakdowns

Great historical podcasts are making so many people realize their love for history! Nobody likes soulless textbook accounts of past events. Instead, they want in-depth narrative history that is super relatable and super interesting. 

This trend has slowly been rising through the ranks of popularity, and in 2022 the listenership grew by 409%! It’s definitely a good time to jump in! To see how it’s done, check out Summer of Gold about the 1996 olympics. 

Wellness Podcasts

Podcasts about health and wellness are also on the rise! People are doing so much more self-care than they ever have before. To do this, they’re making sure to take care of their body, soul, and mind! 

Wellness podcasts of all kinds are circulating through podcast platforms, and many of them have die-hard audiences ready to take in each podcast episode and become the best versions of themselves. There are a lot of great mental health podcasts, but here are some of our favorites:

+ Looking Up

+ Pursuit of Wellness

+ The Art of Being Well

+ The Heal Podcast 

+ Mind. Body. No Soul.

Hobbies Talk

Everyone has a niche hobby these days! Except, when you’re on the internet, nothing really feels niche. There are thousands of others out there who are into the same things as you. So, no matter what you like, you can make a podcast out of it! 

Dear Media’s very own hobby podcasts include The Snatchelor, which is all about the basic female’s love of The Bachelor. And, Readheads, which is a virtual book club of fiction and non-fiction analysis and chatter. If you like to read, you’re gonna love this one!

But, what’s your hobby? What do you think the world would be interested in hearing about?

Niche Food Topics

There’s a foodie in all of us. I mean, we’ve all gotta eat, and we all like to do it with a good meal in front of us. Back in the day, all food content was centered toward middle-aged homemakers who consumed episodes of Paula Dean and Martha Stewart. Now, food is for everyone!

Podcasts are taking on food topics in really unique ways. Though there are many good ol’-fashioned how-to-cook podcasts, many show hosts are modernizing and niching down to stand out and find the perfect audience. 

Here are some top food podcasts:

+ Food Heaven Made Easy

+ Freckled Foodie and Friends

+ Good Instincts

+ What’s Gaby Cooking in Quarantine

+ Wine Face

Latest Podcast Trends

What is your favorite podcast trend?

All right, friends, it is time to tell your smart speakers what new podcast you want to listen to! All shows listed above are available across popular platforms including Spotify and Apple podcasts. 

Listen to podcasts trending in 2023 and get inspired for your own podcast! Plus, follow our Dear Media blog for all the best podcast creation tips. We’ve got all the info you need to make the next big thing!