Did you know there are almost one million active podcasts to date? WOW! In the last few years, podcasting has become so popular that it can be challenging to keep up with the competition. Especially for all you newbies out there. 

So, how do you attract listeners? And, how do you keep them coming back for more? The answer is: by creating unique content. Unique content can easily grab the attention of potential listeners and turn them into loyal listeners for life. That’s the goal, right?

By using the right strategies, you can create unique content that stands out from the rest of the podcast world and tops the charts each and every week. What are these strategies, you ask? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Here are some tried and tested strategies that you can incorporate into your episodes to make your podcast more unique: 

How To Make Your Podcast Unique

Create unique content. 

First and foremost, to make your podcast unique, you need to create unique content. Using dated, recycled, over-done, or boring content will NOT keep those listeners coming back for more. This goes for your actual content, as well as your intro, outro, special effects, and music. Click here for our tips on planning podcast content.

But, how do you create unique content? By doing your research, asking your listeners what they want to hear, and by staying up to date on all trends/current events within your niche. For a fantastic example of someone who consistently creates interesting and unique content, head on over to The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast. 

Select your music with care.

Listeners love to hear music along with your podcast. Especially if that music was chosen by you (their fav podcast host). But, it’s important to choose your music with care. This means choosing music and artists that your audience will enjoy. 

This also means choosing music that matches the vibe of your podcast and promotes good podcast flow. When compared to podcasts that don’t use music at all, or that use random songs, your podcast will surely stand out from the crowd. Not sure where to get music for your podcast? Click here

Use your music & sound effects with purpose. 

Not only is the type of music you choose important, but how you use your music and sound effect is important as well. Inserting music and sound effects in random places can interrupt the flow of your podcast and make it seem a bit less professional. 

Alternatively, using your music and sound effects with purpose (like in your intro and outro or to break up content) makes your podcast more unique. Inserting music and sound effects at the right time can better the listener experience, promote audience engagement, and ultimately, grow your audience base. 

Ensure top notch sound quality. 

Having great sound quality is one of the secrets to a successful podcast. Listeners enjoy listening to clear, professional-grade audio, rather than scratchy, hard-to-hear audio filled with random background noises. In the sea of podcasts, poor-sound quality just doesn’t cut it.

There are various ways to ensure top notch sound quality. One way is to invest in quality equipment. Investing in the right equipment can help you create a smooth and clear audio track, as well as reduce background noises and prevent those pesky popping noises made by the mouth. Even better, it can drastically reduce editing time later. Check out our list of recommended equipment, here

Here at Dear Media, we ensure each of our shows has optimal sound quality. For an example of high-quality audio, take a listen to any of the shows on our “shows” page

Invite unique experts/guests on your show.

Inviting unique experts, professionals, or guests on your show is a great way to set your podcast apart from the rest. It’s a way to mix up your format and provide your listeners with more interesting and unique content. Plus, it can increase audience engagement and podcast credibility, AND it’s a great strategy for reaching new, potential listeners. So many wins. 

Not sure how to invite guests on your podcast? We’ve got you covered. Click here for a list of tips and tricks for getting the best (and most unique) podcast guests! And, for an example of a podcast that host’s ah-mazing interviews on a regular basis, check out The Blonde Files. (Top 10 episodes found, here!)

Be a guest on another podcast. 

Like we just mentioned, inviting guests on your podcast can make it more unique. In the same way, being a guest on someone else’s podcast can also make your podcast more unique. Flipping the switch and becoming a guest can broaden your influence within your niche and make your podcast seem even more credible and trustworthy. Further setting it apart from other podcasts in your niche. 

To be a guest on another podcast, follow these simple steps. First, reach out to similar podcasts within your niche and ask to do a collaboration. Search for podcasts with a similar number of downloads, similar followers, and similar vibes as your podcast. Then, set your terms and perform the collaboration. Collabs are great because they are mutually beneficial, meaning both parties will see an uptick in new listeners, podcast credibility, and podcast uniqueness. 

Amp up your audience engagement. 

Audience engagement is key when it comes to making your podcast stand out from the rest. Sure, listeners love listening to your podcast. But, what they love even more is being able to interact with you and your content. 

Amp up your audience engagement by shouting out loyal listeners, responding to questions and comments, utilizing social media, sharing your favorite products/services, hosting giveaways and contests, answering listener voicemails, and so on. When it comes to audience engagement, there are tons of options. 

Create fun & engaging podcast segments.

A great way to make your podcast more unique is to create fun podcast segments. Adding segments to your show can make your content more dynamic and engaging, and add some variety to your podcast episodes. Segments also dramatically reduce listener drop-off and make your podcast so much more unique and memorable. 

Need some inspo? Check out Absolutely Not! with Heather McMahan. Listen to her top 10 episodes, here! In each episode, Heather includes a segment where she listens and responds to hilarious listener voicemails. And listeners LOVE IT! We also created a whole list of different and unique podcast segments, which you can find, here

Offer valuable insights. 

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but we’ll include it anyway. One of the best ways to make your podcast unique is to offer valuable insights; insights like tips, advice, information, tutorials, educational content, etc. that listeners can actually use in their day-to-day lives. 

The best way to offer valuable insights is to do research within your niche. What do your listeners want to hear? Which current events are they most interested in? What products do they need? How can you make their lives better? Ask yourself these types of questions as you plan your insightful content. 

Find your niche. 

Your podcast might not stand out in the whole sea of podcasts. But, if you have a great show, it will stand out within your niche. So, the key is to locate your niche early and cater to that audience. Once you’ve established your niche, you can curate unique content that sets your podcast apart from other podcasts in your niche. Thus, increasing your podcast’s credibility and popularity. 

Stay passionate about your content. 

If there is one thing listeners can detect from a mile away, it’s lack of passion. If you’re not passionate about what you’re talking about, your listeners will be able to feel it. And when they do, they’ll seek a different podcast. That’s not what you want. Instead, choose topics that ignite your passion. These topics are easier and more fun to talk about anyway. And if you’re passionate, your listeners will be passionate too!

Establish a good flow.

Establishing good podcast flow, or rhythm, is a great way to make your podcast stand out. Podcasters that stay on track, have good topic organization, and speak at a good pace tend to be way more successful than those that don’t. Good podcast flow can be achieved with practice, a good podcast script and/or outline, and with good editing skills. 

Keep it real (maintain your authenticity). 

When it comes to podcasting, the more authentic your personality, the more unique your podcast. Listeners love connecting with like minded people that have similar experiences and stories. They want to engage with the real you. So, keep it real and be yourself. For a great example of a super authentic podcast host who keeps it real week after week, head on over to Recovering from Reality. (Top 10 episodes found, here.)

Keep it consistent. 

We’re sure you’ve heard this a million times, but we’ll say it one more time for good measure – consistency is key. Don’t be that podcaster that releases episodes randomly. Instead, to set yourself apart, keep it consistent. This goes for the length of your episodes, the day you release them, how many episodes you release per week. When your listeners can count on new content, they are sure to keep coming back for more and more. 

Offer additional resources.  

Last, but certainly not least, we have additional resources. Offering additional resources like premium content, how-to books, show notes, transcripts, tutorials, video’s, audiograms, etc. can drastically increase the uniqueness of your podcast. Additional resources give your listeners another way to interact with your brand, and greatly increase listener engagement. Offering additional resources is also a great way to monetize your podcast and gain new, loyal followers. 

Need an example of an additional resource? We’ve got you covered. Check out the Get the F*ck Out of the Sun podcast with Lauryn Bosstick. THEN, check out her Get the F*ck Out of the Sun book, where she talks about everything she learned from her podcast & more. Talk about a great additional resource! 

Use these tips to make your podcast more unique, and ultimately, more successful. 

Here at Dear Media, we hope this list of tips on how to make your podcast unique comes in handy as you continue along your podcasting journey. Looking for more tips and tricks for podcasting? Head on over to the Dear Media Blog. There, you’ll find everything you need to take your podcast to the next level. And, as always, we encourage you guys to drop any questions or comments you might have below!